We are drawn by faith through grace to use our talents, giftings, and passion to tell our story in a way that glorifies God and reflects His love and forgiveness to the world. We are called to empower Christians to tell their story, thus impacting others to seek and grow in Christ! 


I am Faithdrawn. You are Faithdrawn. We are Faithdrawn together.


Should you decide to contribute to the Skill Trade Database, Faithdrawn Studios reserves the right to act as a discerning conduit between you and others in need of your skills.

Faithdrawn Studios agrees to use your information responsibly and respectfully. Your information will never be posted publicly. 

You may withdraw your information from this database at any time and for any reason.

Thank you for your willingness to participate in a collaborative effort that has the potential to unite individuals and brands like in our effort to make games that glorify God.