Don the Wrecking Ball

Don the wrecking ball of reason.
Telling the difference between my logic and treason.
Knowing the truth of what can't be,
My mind continues reeling.

Take from me these thoughts
Take from me these ways.
Truth traverses through me till the end of my days.

Don the gallows and don the stake.
Selling the difference between my heart and my break.
Showing the truth of what I've done,
My chest continues to ache.

Tear from me these thoughts
Steal from me these ways
I no longer wish to live this way.

So Don the I.V. and don the chair
Though Compelling is the difference you cannot care
It will never matter anyways
So explain it I shan't dare.

Rip from me these thoughts
Gut from me these days
Perfectly proving poverty I'm stricken with my ways.

So don the cross, and don the nails.
Sacrifice my pride and flesh.
Knowing the truth of what Christ's done
I'm taking my last breath.