November 15, 2015

Satisfy my longing soul, O Lord.
Into the blackened and soot filled night.
As ravenous fireflies eat away my faithfulness,
And the fires of trials burn bright. 

My plight...

Burning brighter than the consolation you once gave me. Emanating and radiating from my core where you lay in me begging PLEASE!!! come away from all this...

And just when I thought nothing could call out louder than my suffering you swoop in and rescue me, as if it took nothing... But I know better. Strung up like some puppet, you took the nails that were set to drive through my heart and drove them into hell where they impaled death and it's kingdom, teaching it that YOU. ARE. KING. And IT. IS. DONE.

you see, in my youth I used to believe that you couldn't set me free... That you were some mystical genie that withheld wishes from me because I was simply not good enough to deserve them, as they dangled before me like a carrot on a stick and you called me out like a mule to pursue them. 

But as I grew with age I realized that was just a page in the beautiful life you had planned out before me. Asking me with each day to see what you say about us and how you adore me. This is the part where I fall down... The part where I take off my crown and cast it at your feet, and though I've been beaten, battered, and bruised I rest in knowing that you were raw meat by the time they were through with you. 


So Satisfy my longing soul, O Lord.
Into the blackened and soot filled night.
Despite these ashes burning my eyes
I take the next step into the light... With delight.