Welcome to the Stony Place

The Stony Place is directly taken from the parable of the Sower, as told by Jesus. I've found that my heart has always been caught in this state, and I've seldom had a guide to help me navigate it. 

Perhaps your entire life has you residing in such a place and now, only now you're searching for answers. In this "Journal", if you will, I've documented my experiences of pure joy, and of being on the brink of self-destruction, and everything in between so that you may avoid some of the heartache and difficulties that I've experienced, and navigate through what it means to live in this crazy world, or perhaps just have someone to relate to.

These letters will be my internal reelection on life and creativity, and some will also be addressed to the Lord.

They will be unfiltered, and honest.

I will not hold back information to please anyone because well, life doesn't hold back.