My name is Michael Perrigo, and I am the founder and CEO of Faithdrawn Studios, a multi-medium faith based storytelling empowerment platform. I live for crafting in-depth stories, exciting worlds, multi-layered characters, and plot twists using as many mediums as I can get my hands on.


I currently hone this craft through Christian game design (that doesn't suck), brand identity development, and interactive and informational resources for Christians who struggle with finding their purpose in life.

I firmly believe that there are only two things that matter in this life. Stories, and relationships. Stories are what connect and define us all. They're how we find, re-find, and share our identity. Relationships are the reason why we tell stories. The building and maintenance of the connections between us and the rest of the world give us purpose, and help us realize that we're not alone in our journey.

In essence, stories are the vehicle we use in order to connect, and understand one another, and ourselves, and I believe that tapping into this vehicle is the secret to life and living. If we look at the core of every person, place, and thing we will always find a story that is responsible for shaping it inside and out. I have a story. YOU have a story. It's called your Testimony, but you simply don't know how to tell it yet, or mistakenly believe that you can't or shouldn't tell it at all.

Luckily for you, I suffer from a rare disorder that prevents me from being satisfied with living my story alone. I thrive and am sustained by living through the eyes of others as well. To be able to experience much more in a lifetime than one should normally be allowed through the use of storytelling is my calling. Through it, I wish to inspire, entertain, educate, inform, and ultimately empower believers in Christ to tell their Story to the world, thus impacting others to seek and follow Jesus.

I hold it as an absolute, unwavering truth that a mastery of the craft of storytelling mechanics and how they apply to our lives, an unquenchable desire to persist through the storms and an understanding of the importance of telling your story to the world and realizing the impact you can have on others is the key to walking through this life, and it's all through Christ that we have the joy of being able to do this.


So, what are you waiting for. Join me on this journey through discovering your identity, learning to express your faith, having fun, and ultimately, sharing it all with others!


Michael Perrigo

Storytelling Expert