Lemniscate is about a young, married man named Lem who was shoved into an interdimensional portal by his wife so that she could save her own life during a breakthrough in wormhole research gone wrong.

Lem’s wife then dedicates her life to finding a way to re-open the portal and bring him back from the Void.

One day, her research pays off, and Lem awakes in a tube in the facility that his wife runs. Angry, confused, and infected by an alien parasite, he breaks out and begins to slaughter everyone in sight. Scientist’s and guard’s blood splatters the walls as Lem grows more prideful and angry at his own existence and what happened to him.

At the end of his carnage, encounters his wife outside about to get on a helicopter and recognizes her. He proceeds to murder her after realizing that it was her fault that he was sent into another dimension.

The story ends when Lem realizes his wrongdoing and allows the guards to take him out with their machine guns.

This is a story about a lack of forgiveness and a sense of regret. It is meant to be an experimental journal piece and may not be focused on having a satisfying ending.






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