Sneak Peak #1: The Runaway Train

Caleb and Makaila stood at the train station staring into the distance. Neither one of them had expected God to take them in the direction He had. The Lord’s will is not always known to his children. “My hand hurts…” said Makaila. “I know, just hang in there...they should be here any moment.” replied Caleb. “...He knows what He’s doing.” He added. Though he tried to sound confident he saw that he didn’t succeed with the look on her face.

“What do you think will come of the Awakened?” Makaila asked.

“I have faith.”

“You mean you believe He’s coming?”


“Even after everything that’s happened?”

“Yes…” Caleb’s voice trailed off.

“It’s hard to believe in someone you can’t see.” Makaila shook her head.

“Being Awakened isn’t proof enough for you?” Caleb’s anger rose. “If it were for us we’d still be ensnared by the parasite, what don’t you get?”


Makaila began to shake. “I...I didn’t mean anything-”

“It’s alright, I’m sorry for getting angry.” Caleb apologized. it was obvious that the war had taken a toll on them both.

A light in the distance showed that the train was on its way and caused the two of them to perk up for its arrival. As the light grew larger, however, Caleb noticed that it was blinking red.


Red was bad.


“Come on” He demanded.

“But that’s the train!”

“That’s not a train…Let’s Go!”

Caleb pulled Makaila by the arm and they both made their way to the street behind the train station. A loud sound like the twisting of metal could be heard making its way behind them, so they decided to take the stairs two at a time. Before reaching the bottom the ground before them seemed to explode. Realizing that it was a massive structure landing and destroying the ground Caleb took the pro-active route.

“Take this!” He said, coming to a full stop before the structure and tossing Makaila a grenade. “When I say pull you pull that little pin out and toss it at the head, got it?”

Makaila stared up in bewilderment as she came to the realization that the structure was actually a large titan with a hulking figure and a bright red eye. Holding the grenade with both hands she whimpered.

“Don’t let it phase you, we can do this!” Caleb said while quickly wrapping a cloth around a blue bomb.

“...right, okay.”

The titan swiped his hand down and across the space they stood. Its first attack.

Makaila ducked with a scream as Caleb disappeared in a blink. His new teleportation.

Looking up Makaila saw the titan roar back in pain as Caleb appeared on its head and shoved the wrapped blue bomb into its mouth, finishing with a drop to the ground, landing on his feet gracefully. Coming out of a bent posture from the impact of his landing wind blew his hair forward due to the explosion that erupted behind him. The titan’s head had become a twisted, hot, deformed mass. Collapsing to its knees it let out a groan that could be heard throughout the city of Fayecliff.

“Come on!” Caleb grabbed Makaila by her wrist and ran from the falling demon.

“What about the bomb you gave me?” She called out, to be heard above the noise behind them.

“Hang on to it...more of those things are coming. Kill the child and the mother comes running.”

Makaila was silent.

Coming to a small alley littered with trash, they stopped to catch their breath.

“I...I can’t keep up” Makaila heaved. “What about the train?”

“They must have destroyed it” Caleb matched her breath with his hands on his knees. “There’s no way it survived if the demons were on the same track.”

    "Then that means..."

    "Yeah... Everyone on that train is..." He allowed his voice to trail off to avoid saying the word.

After a moment of silence Makaila began to sob. Leaning on the alley's brick wall she slid to the ground with her back, and covered her face with her hands.